Penny Hull ( Nee Gutch) and Chris Hull sole Directors 2016

 2018 wines  are finally being released however they have no labels to keep costs down due to Covid 19

we are getting closer to having a spray free vineyard ! we are also keeping the alcohol volume down compared to previouse years  so you can enjoy and be safe. Please see for helpful information on safe alcohol consumption. Gracedale Hills believes that wine should be mainly drunk on special occassions to be truly enjoyed and appreciated. From the planting of the vine, planting crops in between the rows to encourage beneficial insects, to the pruning, to the cordonwire follage upkeep, to the watering, to the netting, to the hand picking, to the crushing, to the fruit from the property being given to the expert winemaker on the property, to the watching/ caring for in barrels, to the bottling and sometimes labelling, to the advertizing, to the delivery. so many steps and so much love effort and time go into that bottle that gets opened. we at Gracedale Hills Estate wish our wines to be savoured and time taken to drink with that special dinner and occassion.

2018 Rose' released as cleanskin to keep down costs it has been so popular we only have half left due to regular customers heartThankyou!

Because of Covid we are not able to do a 2019 Vintage, we are trying to ride out this extremely difficult time for all businesses. We would like to wish everyone (ALL LIVES MATTER) safety in these unprecedented times.

We look forward to hearing from you via email  [email protected]  or phone  at any time with questions , concerns, feedback. Penny 0418 599859